2014 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Held every year in Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park.

Schenley Park is the scene of our nation’s largest vintage race event. 150 vintage racers gather here each July to test their skills and entertain the crowd. The PVGP races through Schenley Park are considered by many drivers to be the most challenging race course worldwide. The 2.33 mile circuit has 23 turns not to mention haybales, manhole covers, phone poles and stone walls. The Grand Prix in Schenley Park is the only vintage race event that is run on actual city streets – made possible by our Pit Crew of 1,000 volunteers. – http://www.pvgp.org/


dedpxl04 – get low

Assignment #4 get low. Zack’s instructions:

This is all about getting low. Don’t just put your camera on the table. Get on the floor. Get on the ground. Take a new look at things from a low level. GET. LOW. You don’t have to just shoot UP at something. You can shoot toward something from a low level. Seriously, if you have kids this is a fun one to get them involved with. -http://dedpxl.com/dedpxl04-get-low/

The outdoor shots were all taken when I was lying on back or close to it. The museum shots were all taken with the camera placed directly on the floor.  The final image is a 5 shot panoramic of the Sculpture Hall in the Carnegie Museum.
dedpxl04 - get low
dedpxl04 - get low #2

ohiopyle state park – cucumber falls

Spent sometime over the weekend with my brother exploring Ohiopyle State Park in Western Pennsylvania.  The falls we went to go see, Cucumber Falls, was completely over taken with tourist and campers enjoying the falls.  So we ventured down below the falls to explore.  In the one shot you can see Cucumber Falls in the background.


dedpxl assignment #3 shadows

Zack and his wife are finally back from vacation / work / travel and gave there photo critique of the second assignment Shapes.  Next assignment Shadows.  From Zack’s blog:

“While you are out shooting for this assignment I want you to take a photograph and then examine it. Ask yourself, “Does the shadow make the shot?” or “Do the shadows make the shot?”

Was fortunate enough to go to the Latrobe Air Show over the weekend. I kept my eyes out for interesting shadows. It was a great day not too many clouds in the sky which (i hoped) lent it self to great contrasting shadows.  The first image caught my eye because the little girl was “playing” with the light, moving her hand back and forth from dark into the sunlight.  Second image was a similar shot except it was interesting to see how many people would fit under the wing to stay out of the sun.

dedpxl assignment #3 a

dedpxl assignment #3 b