LR5.4 FujiFilm Camera Calibration Presets

Lightroom 5.4 update came out today which gave FujiFilm users the ability to use Fuji’s film simulations.  I’ve gone a head and created Develop presets as a quick shortcut.  Lightroom 5.4 is required.  These presets do nothing more than activate the different camera calibrations with-in the develop module.  

I’ve uploaded them individually and as a Zip file located here:

Probably not the best example but you can see the subtle differences between them:

Wigle Distilling Company

Located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District Wigle Distilling Company is the only still located in the Region.

“At the height of Whiskey making in Western Pennsylvania, there were 4,000 documented stills. Today, Wigle Whiskey is the only whiskey distillery in the region.” -

I’m not a big whiskey drinker (although their cocktails are quite delicious)  but their distilling philosophy of sourcing local ingredients is easy to get behind. They have a great space and it’s worth taking a tour if you are in the Pittsburgh region.


New Photography Project – dedpxl Assignment #1 Lines

I’ve decided to start another photography project this one was started by Zack Arias over on his new site

Week 1 assignment: Lines

I like Zack’s approach to this, quoted from his website,

“I’m not going to go to deep describing these assignments. Jump in with me. No matter how elementary they may seem to you on the surface. For those of you who are as green as grass to this craft then these are going to be great for you to start building your visual muscles. For those of you who feel you have a good grasp on photography the simple assignments are going to kick your ass because of the expectations you are going to put upon yourself. Trust me. I know. I’m shooting these assignments too.

Some are going to be direct and specific. Some will be more open to interpretation. Each will build on the next. Each is designed to push and pull your eye and your vision as a photographer. Go with me on this journey. Take the pill. Let’s get to that green code of the matrix.”

dedpxl assignment #1 a
dedpxl assignment #1 b
dedpxl assignment #1 c

McConnell’s Mill State Park

Two weeks ago,  the weather was fantastic, temperatures jumped to the upper 40′s, lower 50′s F.  I took the opportunity to get outside and head to McConnell’s Mill State Park.   I did some research before heading out and planned to hit the three main waterfalls,  Alpha, Kildoo, and Hells Hallow.

Alpha Falls is extremely easy to get to and has a small parking lot at the trail head.  However once on the trail the hike was adventurous.  Most of the steps and the entire trail out to the falls were covered in ice.

I took my time and watched my step.  I found if I stayed off the beaten path on the snow it was quite manageable.

I ended up not seeing the actual Kildoo Falls. I did however find the bridge that goes over the falls and hiked down and got some shots of the stream that feeds the fall. I believe in order to see these falls you have to take the trail that starts (or have access to) at the old mill and covered bridge.

On the way to Hells Hallow falls

And the falls themselves …

Hike preview…

I’m still processing the images I took but here is a small preview of some shots taken with my smart phone and processed with VSCO camera app. 



2014 Pittsburgh Auto Show

Spent this past Saturday with my father and brother at the Pittsburgh Auto Show.  It’s more of a dealer show than a car show.  I wish that some of the car makers would send a concept vehicle or rare models.  In the past there was a “car show” on the first floor that allowed car clubs and individuals to show off their own cars.  For whatever reason the car sow removed almost all of non-dealer vehicles.  I still had a great time and enjoyed sitting and checking out all the different models.  The first image is a link to my Flickr Set of all the car show images.




abandoned intrigue…

Within walking distance to my neighborhood are fantastic old houses.  Long abandoned they are scheduled to be torn down.  They’ve been boarded up and art now decorates the exterior.



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